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Since Sunny Days Have Ceased

It's post-apocalypse and après la catastrophe. You want to survive, but can you find anybody else to drown out the silence and help you remain sane? This catastrophe is not so cosy

The Circus

Pubs, eh? Dodgy wall art. Posters of cars. Prints of rural scenes. Horse brasses. Wax clown heads. Say what? Yes, clown heads. They really spoke to one man.

Ten Hypothetical and Plausible Deaths in London

Want to know how you might die in London? This is the story to prepare you.

Master John and the Lady

As it fell out upon the day... There will be adultery. And there will be swords. There will also be a death...

Entropy and the Cat

So, what would you do if your partner left you. Get mad? Smash a few things up? And what if your partner left you the cat you never really wanted.

The Biker and His Glimpses of Death

So, you like riding motorbikes. And you really feel the warm camaraderie of the biking fraternity. Shame then, about your obsession with death.

Going Down

Never chase butterflies. Especially if you don't have a net. You never know where they might lead.

Up the Leg and Down the Stocking

When you go for a walk and discover a dead body. you might be surprised at the find, and surprised to become a suspect. But it is the shoes that are most surprising of all...